Friday, June 28, 2019

My Heartaversary - Flashback

June 28, 2018

One year ago I went for my first ever stress test at the Heart Institute. If you have followed this blog the full story is there, but this post is just a reminder of how far I've come.
As I head into Canada Day long weekend I wanted to reflect on the past 12 months of my journey. It has been tough, but my desire and motivation to get back pushed me to areas of my body and my mind that I haven't explored. My heart condition has definitely changed me for the better. I've had plenty of support from my family, the run community, my peers and oddly enough the community groups I've discovered on Facebook. The mind is a powerful tool, but that too needs to be taken care of so a lot of self care was done in terms of mindfulness and learning to let go of the stress (still working on that) and live in the moment. Just don't sweat the small stuff.
So as I prepare for redemption at Run Ottawa's Canada Day Road Race I've decided to push myself (carefully) and do the 10K especially since the route has moved back to Kanata Lakes where there should be some shade and hoping people in that area will be out cheering us on. Nothing inspires you more when you see everyone in their nation's colours and seeing the community come out and cheer on runners.
Here's to my 1st year and hoping the rest of 2019 will continue to see my fitness improve.
Hope to see some you out there this weekend and Happy Canada Day!

Recovery after my 1st run on the Heart Institute Tread

After the diagnosis I was compelled to fill the prescription of my blood thinners and beta blockers

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Six Months Post Ablation

Six Months

It seems like i posted not too long ago since Race Weekend and there isn't much to say, but I'm slowly rebuilding and doing a lot more. However since it is now six months since my surgery it is time for another Holter Monitor!!
Cue all the scarring and skin rashes!

 As part of my 6 month anniversary I finally received my vanity plates!

Yep I did!
Oh and when I was at the Heart Institute running late I parked illegally and so now these virgin plates have received it's first official ticket! $60 for parking illegally. I sometimes wish I had more time to park, but I should have just paid the parkade valet SMH.

So next time I head there to go and drop off my Holter I'll just circle or take my chances and park in the parkade.


Last week I received a note from Mei Ling...not my daughter but a friend I met from the Team Awesome 2018 fam and mutual friend of Becky who takes care of Shade. I had the honour of running her in on her marathon at HOTtawa! So she shared the pictures that were taken of her from Marathon Photos.

Thanks Mei for sharing them with me!