Monday, September 9, 2019

Cue the Comeback

Wiggle Waggle Walk Run 2K

Taken from my IG post

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these post race reports!
So alert 🚨 long post 🚨
First off...I ran! No this isn’t a throwback to a Flock of Seagulls although they did have some pretty wild hair styles! 🤣
I digress but really this totally was about the dogs and supporting the Ottawa Humane Society. They had a great pet expo and lots of activities for kids and the fur friends. I think the Lansdowne folks were really confused as to why there were so many dogs!
We got there early enough and Shade got to ride on a 🚌 for the first time at her first race. We had parked at Carleton University as they had free parking but DD19 has a pass so we parked in her lot and walked down to our ride. It was a short ride from there and the. We arrived just in time to see my cankle buddy Kathy!
So this lady has literally been my spirit guide with Michelle. She suffered her Cankle injury at Manotick Miler and Cankley was born. Once she heard though social media about Michelle she immediately reached out for support and we’ve been cankle buddies for life. I owe her a lot for getting me through the many stages of Michelle and Cankley as she’s shared her journey with me. It has been great to follow her recovery and to see her medical team #KineticEdge and soon to be recover.rx
It’s been 🎱 long weeks to this day and basically Kathy and her attitude (no sugar coating the facts at all) has brought me the confidence and most of all a sounding board to all my fears and doubts. After all she’s practically done this 9 weeks ahead of me.
As for the race itself...I had zero expectations but to just run and have fun! For my 1st race Post Michelle, I told her to park it! And She did. It was a very chaotic start for the 2K Furry Fun Run but once we got to the road it was easier to navigate. So many four legged fur friends.
My first K was pretty good. I lost my running partner to a stitch so she had to fall back. Once I rounded the turnaround I slowed down and walked back to get her. We took it easy and finished in 16:34 chip time. My Garmin is set to auto pause but the race clock doesn't but all in al a good first outing for Michelle and me. As well as Shade's first race!! She earned her bling and some extra treats. Thanks to all of the organizers and volunteers I know first hand the role you play.

Monday, Monday

For the last few weeks I've been taking Monday's off as part of stress management. I have to say I have enjoyed spending these days not thinking about work and focusing on me and doing things that matter to me. It could be as simple as running those errands that you just don't have time to do during the week and allowing me to take my time and do those errands where you could stand in line, but when you are off you have plenty of time to wait and not stress over it. Also I had a chance to visit some friends. Why? Because I can and they are actually ok with meeting up with me. So I burn a bit of fossil fuels to get there, but the end result it's good to be able to see people and connect. It's a state of mind. There are times when I want solitude and there are time when it's just time to reach out.
So for all those people needing that break...whether you call it a mental health day or just a sick day, then take the time you need because it is important. You matter to you and no one else! Self care! Don't be afraid to reach out. Even if it's a text or a phone call. Find the balance! ☯

Saturday, September 7, 2019

9 months Post Ablation; Michelle Update and 2K Furry Fun Run

9 months Post Ablation

I really don't have much news on the cardiac front since that past eight weeks I've done a lot of RnR and did absolutely nothing adventurous to warrant any sort of cardiac news. But as far as I know I've had a lot of rest and relaxation. In fact for August long weekend the fam all went to Chateau Montebello. Nothing but venturing out to a log style mansion out in Montebello, Quebec to stretch out and relax. Now that was a way to unwind and not do anything to crazy to cause any arrhythmia and enjoy the gastronomic tastes of the hotel.
Afterwards I enjoyed a lot of binge watching of PVR'ed shows and just enjoying life as a retiree. I can see the health benefits of being off for extended periods to being stress free and enjoying the weather.

Poolside at Chateau Montebello

Girls hit the spa, I hit the pool

Michelle Update

Well I'll cut to the usual shockwave and challenging PT exercises. I'm still working on those and as of last week my chiro believes I'm ready to hit the road; however, it is up to my PT who I saw today and gave me the let's add a couple of more exercises to keep building the strength in the cankle.
6 active days in August
Normatec boots at ActiveHealth Hintonburg part of the recovery

2K Furry Fun Run

We (Michelle and I) are ready to try out what we've been rebuilding and see how we do on this fun run with Shade and Mei-Ling and how we do on this simple out and back.
Stay tuned for the race report 😁

Race Kits for me, Mei-Ling and Shade (Bandana)