Saturday, March 16, 2019

Three Months Post Ablation

Holter Monitor

March 6, 2019 - I picked up my Holter Monitor from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.
I get to wear "Ticker" for two weeks.

I had a Holter before, but it was during the summer months and I'm finding the pasties are irritating my skin this time around, but I only have a few more days and then it's back to the Heart Institute until the six month anniversary. 
It's hard to believe that it's been three months already, but at the same time I'm feeling good and getting back to my OTF and did some running, but if you live in Ottawa it's been a bit tricky to get around streets with the whacky weather so limiting my running at the moment to the indoor treadmill with my OTF and the occasional social run.
Hopefully I'll see this in my stats the report as I'm curious to know if I'm in normal sinus rhythm. That is the goal!

As part of my three month anniversary I also started a Stress Management workshop.

This is a six week course that will help my 💓 manage stress. So far Week 2 and it's been an interesting group of patients.
Most of them have had heart attacks so I feel a bit odd with an arrhythmia condition; however, this is part of my cardiac rehab and it was suggested I take it. So every Wednesday evening I'll be doing some meditation and defining the stressors in this forum.

Team Heart

Also I finally saw the group photo of "Team Heart" look for me running with some of these amazing heart patients at Race Weekend.

2019 Team Heart

March Break, Team Nuun Gear & Snowboarding Oh my!

I took March Break off to have some me time and I did a few things. One of which was to hang my medal hangar and hit the slopes on the snowboard and head to the border to pick up my Team Nuun Gear . It was a fun week to be off and the weather was just fabulous.
Here are a few photos from the week.
10 Runs at Calabogie with Eunice

Dad's Medals (50th bday gift from the girls)

Top of Calabogie and view of the Lake

Team Nuun Gear, Singlet, Vest & Jersey
Eunice and I at the top of Calabogie

Monday, March 4, 2019

1st Race of 2019

Medal Monday

The last week of February I was gearing up trying to figure out what to do with myself other than trying to do ALL THE THINGS!.
I saw a lot of messages on my social media feed about the upcoming hypothermic race out in the hi-tech sector in Kanata. I've done this that past three years and the motivation to get there was strong!
Needless to say I signed up for the 5K because who doesn't like the post bRUNch afterwards???!! 
I posted that I registered for my 1st race of 2019 and my friend Liisa went ohhh where is this race and what are the deets? Well that perked my day to know that someone was willing to run my moderate pace and keep me in check as if I was left to my own vices you know what may happen! So she checked with her hubs and bam she was in!

Race Day was as expected at the Marshes Golf Club and cars everywhere so I parked at one of the hi-tech buildings close to the start and made my way in. The excitement was mounting as not many knew I would be running so soon...neither was I, but it was 5K I was looking forward to being with my people.
Race Ready

I saw my Team Awesome fellow ambassador Tegan 1st and we promised to do a photo and we forgot! Oh well next time. I connected with Luc as well and Heather from the Grant Crossing RR and then Liisa arrived. We got a group shot courtesy of Heather R.
1st group selfie of the day courtesy of Heather R
Then the girls went off to the bathroom and I connected with another group selfie.
Not so normal
I went out to meet up with the Run Ottawa crew for 8:45 before the start of the race and saw some familiar faces from the RunYOW crew.
Photo courtesy of Ian Hunter

Photo courtesy of Ian Hunter
At the start of the race Liisa and I went to the back of the pack since I didn't want to be trampled. We met up with Jenn and hung out with her until the official start. You can see Jenn hamming it up while Liisa and I were oblivious.
Photo courtesy of Ian Hunter

Photo courtesy of Ian Hunter

Once we got under way it was  a slow shuffle at the start and I was off on my 1st race of 2019.
Shuffle, Shuffle with Liisa
We kept a nice steady pace and we chatted almost the entire way about all things to keep us moving and motivated around. We actually went around a few people as we moved on the course. The road conditions were great and only a couple of ice patches, but otherwise good weather and decent road conditions. The race itself is just a 5K loop out and back so we all started with the 10K and the half marathon folks. It was fun to see friends as we passed each other.

Hypothermic 5K done
Our average pace was pretty steady and we didn't take any walk breaks. We finished strong and Liisa came ahead of me 😉
My official time was 37:36 and we earned the bling and the bRUNch!!
5K done!


Greate race with even great friends (running your pace) and run support crew seeing everyone!
Medal Monday

OTF 200

As well as this weekend I received my official certificate for attending 200 classes.
A big enough milestone that deserved a photo op as the studio makes these huge for members and I'm grateful for the people I've met that have challenged me along the way.

Sunday 3 group class that helped me celebrate 200!

Full class that had a lot of splat points